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Zaffiro and its properties


Zaffiro is absolutely painless treatment. During termolifting the patient feels only gentle warmth on the skin. Zaffiro does not leave any skin marks and lasts a very short time. It can literally be carried out during a lunch break. Zaffiro is effective on all parts of the body. Not only does it improve the appearance of the face and neck, but it is also ideal for:


• post-pregnancy bellies,

• neckline skin, hands, arms,

• buttock and thigh skin, above the knees.


It is a very versatile and enjoyable method of skin thickening. Once you have decided on which area of the body you want to firm the skin, it's time for surgery.


What is Zaffiro treatment?

Four treatment sessions at monthly intervals are recommended for people over 35 years of age. After cleansing, the skin requires a special cooling gel which makes the operation of the skin head easier. The head is made of fine sapphire glass and infrared light is applied to the patient's skin.

First phase of treatment

 Zaffiro starts with cooling the skin in order to prepare it for the IR radiation activity and protects the skin from burns. Then, the collagen contained in the skin is heated using a special sapphire head emitting infrared. Re-cooling the area is required in accordance with the principle of cold-warm-cold treatment.

Second phase of treatment

This includes a soothing and relaxing massage cooler with a cooling temperature of 0-20 ° C. After surgery, vitamin C treatment is recommended in order to assist the synthesis of collagen. The treatment is painless, and the patient does not feel any discomfort. The skin looks natural. An advanced cooling system provides safety. Only in a few cases, there is minimal redness that disappears after a few hours. The treatment can be performed regardless of skin phototype and in tanned skins, as well as those with vascular problems, the appearance can be improved by treatment.

Indications for Zaffiro treatment

• Loss of firmness of the skin on the face, neck and neckline as a result of the ageing process or extensive weight loss

• Loss of skin firmness of the body as a result of the ageing process or loss of extensive body mass (abdomen, inner thighs and shoulders, the skin above the knees)

• The desire to improve the appearance of skin cleavage and breasts

• The desire to shrink the skin on the abdomen in women after childbirth

• Labial lines - nasal, wrinkles

• The desire to improve the contours of your face

• Drooping cheeks


Contraindications for Zaffiro treatment

• Pregnancy and lactation

• Open wounds

• Cancer and Autoimmune

• Connective tissue diseases

• two week period from the use of fillers (Botox, Restylane, etc.)

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