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Slim Lipo

The Slim Lipo device is an innovative platform for laser liposuction, adjustment of flabby skin and permanently eliminating hyperhidrosis. Laser liposuction is an effective and also the safest method of body shaping. By using a dual-wavelength it reaches the liquefaction of fat and increases the skin firmness and tension. Surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and there is a short recovery period. The skin firming effect occurs immediately after treatment whilst aggravation occurs within 6 months after surgery. After laser liposuction there is a slight swelling (6-12) weeks around the treatment area. In the postoperative period, it is advisable to perform a massage using the LPG Endermolab device. Before surgery, medical consultation is required as well as laboratory tests.


Indications for surgery


• Local accumulation of fat in the chin and upper part of the face

• firming and slimming the abdomen, thighs, shoulders, knees and calves

• reduction of excessive sweating around the armpits

• gynecomastia in men

Contraindications for surgery


• Pregnancy

• Diabetes

• Cardiovascular disease

• Operation in the vicinity of treatment area

• Inflammation

• clotting disorders or anticoagulant medication


Postoperative recommendations


• during the first day it is advisable to rest and limit activities

•  you should wear compression clothes for a period of two weeks

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