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Cryolab is an innovative technology used for non-invasive treatments aimed at reducing obesity, cellulite and wrinkles. This multifunctional device rejuvenates face and body skin, soothes and restores its original terseness.



Working on the skin of the head, Cryolab emits radio waves whilst working on the skin head bringing it into the skin at a temperature of 65 ° C. The effect of this action is to reduce the instantaneous current collagen and elastin fibres producing new ones, and thus the effect is a long-term facelift or parts of the body, depending on the treatment area. Cryolab draws on mono and bipolar radio wave technology, low frequency ultrasound and radio waves with lymphatic drainage.

Indications for Cryolab treatment

• Reduction of lines and wrinkles

• Improvement of skin texture

• Lifting and improving facial contours

• Stopping the skin flaccidity process


Contraindications for surgery

• Pacemaker

• Metal and silicone prostheses

• Tumours

• Diabetes

• Heart disease

• Epilepsy

• Neurological Diseases

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