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An excellent way of shaping, slimming and cellulite reduction treatment is LPG Endermology. It is a safe, natural and highly effective method used for almost 30 years. Its activities confirmed a number of clinical trials. LPG Endermology works both on the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The treatment dramatically improves the appearance of the skin in its density, smoothing and firming. Used regularly, it inhibits the ageing process. During treatment it stimulates adipose tissue and thus the activation of the metabolism and removal of mass, especially in places that are difficult to remove, despite dieting or exercising.

Indications for treatment


• Reduction of locally accumulated fat

• Reduction of Cellulite

• Skin firmness supple throughout the body

• Drainage allows removal of edema

• The elimination of toxins from the body

• Treatment of scarring and fibrosis

• Improved blood circulation and lymph circulation in the legs

• Liposuction (before and after) 

• Lifting (before and after)

• Swelling and heavy legs

• Physical muscle action-(before and after physical activity)

Contraindications for surgery

• anticoagulants

• cancer

• pregnancy (with the exception of treatment around the legs)

• surgical wire surgery (for 2 months)

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