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La-Nika - the Centre for Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Therapy has been designed for patients whose priority is to have a sense of security as to the quality and procedure of carrying out treatment. We perform a wide range of professional aesthetic medicine treatment in our clinic using the best equipment and materials certified to the highest safety standards. Our priority is to ensure the highest level of service whilst maintaining a friendly atmosphere.



Here at our La Nika clinic we can perform, among others, corrective aesthetic medical treatment for men as well as anti-ageing, regenerative and modelling treatment. We offer our services for both women and men.

The owner of the La Nika aesthetic medicine clinic is Dr. Magdalena Zakrzewska- the only Aesthetic Medicine graduate from Pomerania at the Medical University of Warsaw. This is what she says about her job: "Cosmetic surgery is not just my job, but also a great passion. I have chosen a team of specialists with meticulous care, thanks to which we can now offer you a comprehensive service at the highest level. We treat each patient with great commitment. Our goal is to meet our patients' requirements and provide them with maximum safety both during and after surgery. Our mission is to redress the ageing process while maintaining the beauty and individual characteristics, which is what determines our unique individuality.



Each patient treated in our aesthetic medicine treatment clinic receives our own official reports together with a detailed treatment plan.


Initially,  we offer our patients a consultation appointment where we meet up, conduct a detailed interview, but also talk about the possible risks and dangers. During the first visit, it often occurs that invasive procedures are not needed, and the problem can be solved by using a different type of method. We try to choose the optimal treatment plan during the consultation visit.

We realize that some of the aesthetic medical treatment using highly specialized equipment is not cheap, so that is why we have introduced our Medi Installments (Medi Raty) Scheme, which allows you to take advantage of our offer, thus avoiding large financial strains on your budget.


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